Frequently Asked Questions

Do we deliver flowers and floral arrangements?

 We deliver flowers and floral arrangements within Norfolk County and are flexible to serve our customers outside of usual business hours.  

Where can I buy your gorgeous flowers and floral arrangements?

You can purchase directly by calling to arrange for us to make up and deliver a floral arrangement or a bucket of blooms. You can also book an appointment to come into the garden with us to cut flowers of your choice. We also offer a weekly subscription so that you can get a fresh new bunch of blooms every week.

Do you have a flower shop?

No we don’t have a traditional store front.  We work out of our cottage where  you can come by appointment to see what’s in bloom. 

Do you make floral arrangements for local businesses and events?

Yes we do!  We will meet with you to determine exactly what you require and let you know what blooms are available. 

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